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NAD+ Infusions

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  • Anti-Aging Infusion
  • NAD+ occurs naturally in the body. It plays a major role in the chemical process of generating energy. NAD+ is probably the most important co-factor for improving mitochondrial function.
  • Boosting NAD+ may help manage a wide spectrum of diseases, ranging from diabetes to cancer.
  • When NAD is given intravenous, some research has shown it can improve:
  • Anti-Aging
  • Energy Boost & Improves Mood
  • Mental Clarity, Concentration & Alertness
  • Focus & Memory
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Weight Loss & Boost Metabolism
  • Decreases Pain & Inflammation
  • Diminishes Fatigue & Brain Fog
  • Promotes Longevity

Maintenance Dose

  • Price: $300

High Dose

  • Price: $600

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Maintenance Dose, High Dose


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